Types of care arrangements

What are different types of care arrangements?

Live in Au Pair – this is the most common arrangement where an Au Pair stays with you in the house and assists you with looking after your children and as required, can assist with other household duties, for example, cleaning, washing, ironing, preparing kids lunches and cooking depending on your needs. The Au Pairs usually travel to Australia on a Working Holiday visa and stay with one family for four to six months before venturing out to explore other parts of Australia. You are expected to provide them with accommodation, food and pocket money depending on how many hours the Au Pair works for you. As an example, for 35 work hours a week our recommendation would be to pay Au Pair between $220 and $260 depending on their experience. If you require assistance with cleaning, this would generally be in addition to looking after your children, unless it is within the agreed hours.

Demi pair – is usually a student who undertakes her studies during the week and can work limited hours, i.e. up to 40 hours per fortnight while her/his course is in session (if they hold a Student visa). This option could work for you if you work part time and require assistance twice or three times a week. Some parents only need an Au Pair to do school drop offs and pick ups and look after their children from 3pm to 6pm every day or to help with homework and bed time routine. The arrangements are quite flexible and this can be an option for you if do not need assistance on full time basis.

Live out Au Pair or nanny – If you do not have a spare room in the house or would prefer not to have another person living with you, you could also consider a live out Au Pair or nanny. The cost of this option would be more expensive as the living expense would not reduce the cost of an Au Pair/nanny. However, this could be an option if you need an extra pair of hands to help you for a few hours a day or a few days a week.

Babysitter – If you need an occasional care for your little ones, we could also assist you with arranging a babysitter. A lot of our Au Pairs look for additional work over the weekend or in the evenings and we would be able to secure a babysitter for you even at short notice.  As we would already screened the Au pair, you could rest assured that your children are in safe hands.