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October Cover Story

Three Tips to Ensure You Have a Positive & Rewarding Au Pair Experience
Hosting an Au Pair can be a rewarding and culturally enriching experience. To ensure you have the most enjoyable and stress free time with your Au Pair, we will share a few practical tips with you in the next newsletters. We also welcome your feedback on what works and does not work for you. Of course every Au Pair is different, so management strategies may also differ, but we hope you will find our articles of value.

1. Discuss your requirements and expectations up front
It's important to have a good conversation with your Au Pair after they move in. Discuss all the things that are important to you, including family routine, expectations regarding taking care of your children, kids likes and dislikes, food, house rules, etc. Setting clear expectations will help with eliminating some of the frustrations which can arise on both sides. It is also important to continue this dialogue throughout your Au Pair's stay. 

When setting out your expectations, keep in mind that Au Pairs are not professional nannies or housekeepers. They are usually young travelers far away from home with some experience in looking after children. They may need time to settle in and ongoing guidance and support from you and your family, even with things that for us, more experienced mums, are a common sense! 

2. Prepare a detailed plan
We all have a busy lifestyle, that's why we need an Au Pair! Having a weekly schedule not only helps with setting out the expectations about the role, but also helps with organising your busy household. It is up to you how detailed your schedule will be, but from our experience, a more detail plan works better as it serves as a clear reference point. The schedule can include not only the school pick up times, after school activities, but also daily tasks that you expect to be done e.g. unpacking dishwasher or doing the laundry. 

If you would like a template weekly schedule, we have one ready for you to use, and free to download here Au Pair Weekly Schedule Template.xlsx

3. Help your Au Pair to settle in your family and community
Being away from home for an extended period of time can be challenging for many Au Pairs. You can help them to settle by connecting them with other Au Pairs in the area, inviting them to different FB pages from your suburb such as a community page or an Au Pair site (e.g. Northern Beaches Au Pairs). This way they can easily find friends and socialise. 

We also run regular Au Pair get togethers for our Au Pairs. We have included a few photos from our last catch up below.

As part of our service, we are happy to answer any questions during the Au Pair placement. Feel free to email us at info@ozpair.com.au or share your experiences/questions with us and other families on our FB site, Oz Pair & Nannies.